price tag

price tag
a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to
Hypernyms: ↑tag, ↑ticket

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price tag,
1. a tag ticket marked with the price of the article to which it is attached.
2. Informal, Figurative. an estimated worth or cost; value: »

To answer these questions means putting a price tag on events which are obviously incalculable (Newsweek).

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n. the label on an item for sale, showing its price
figurative the cost of a company, enterprise, or undertaking

a $400 billion price tag was put on the venture

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noun, pl ⋯ tags [count]
1 : a piece of paper or plastic that is attached to a product and that has the product's price written or printed on it

The price tag is missing so I don't know how much this sweater costs.

2 : the amount of money that something costs

The car has a $30,000 price tag. = The car has a price tag of $30,000. [=the price of the car is $30,000]

The equipment carries a hefty price tag. [=it is expensive]

You can't put a price tag on the safety of our children. [=the safety of our children is worth any amount of money; it is extremely important]

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ˈprice tag [price tag price tags] noun
a label on sth that shows how much you must pay: (figurative)

There is a £2 million price tag on the team's star player.

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